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La Tomatina-Tomato Festival

La Tomatina is a Spanish festival with tomato fight just for fun. It;s held in Valencia town of Bunol. It happens last wednesday of the August.
It started in 1945, some of the young people try to participate in the parade with the musician. One of the boy slipped in the parade. It was happen near the vegetable market. The young boys hit everything they saw. In a short time there was a huge crowd in the place hit each other with the vegetables. 
The fight continuous until the local authorities come and end the fight. Later years the people bring tomato's from home and the play the fun fight. In 1950's La tomatina was banned but people still play and many of them even arrested.
The festival get more popularity and lot of people participate in the festival. Lot of rules and restriction implemented in the festival. Now it was one of the most famous festival in the world and helps huge in tourism of Spain. In 2013 the authorities decide to collect entry fee to limit the partic…

AirTel Super Singer Junior 4 Grand Finale

AirTel Super SInger Junior Season 4 Grand Finale
     Today is the biggest day for music lovers ...yes Airtel Super Singer is the Vocal based Reality Show For many years. And It has a valuable fan base because of versatile and unique kind of approach. Vijay TV , which is fame of its reality shows such as Jodi No 1,Neeya Naana, Koffee with DD and many...

    Airtel Super Singer is one of the reputed reality show in the Vijay TV. Super Singer has two category. One is Senior Level and other One is Junior level.There are Some restrictions to Separate Junior level and Senior Level.      To participate in Junior Level the wish contestant's age should be below 16 years and senior level is vice versa. Vijay TV will announce the audition for super singer for the time.That time the participants should record their voice in CD and send it to Vijay TV. And they will call Up for the Real Time Audition. AirTel Super Singer Junior Live :      Particularly the prize money in the Super Singer contest i…


Culture means the customs and the tradition of the particular society. It includes religion, food, believes,festivals,dress, how we wear dresses, marriage, how we behave, thought process everything defines a culture of the society.

United States Of America is the third largest country in after China and India with 320 million people. Many cultures around the world is followed in USA. The country has many immigrants. In 1600s English colonized the country. It has many influences like native Americans,Latin Americans, Africans and Asians.


Many languages spoken in USA. There is no official language in the country. Over 90% of the people speaks and understands English language. Chinese,Spanish,German,French,Hindi also spoken by many people. In official there are over 250 languages are spoken in USA.

Many European languages spoken in America. Spanish, Italian,French,Swedish,Yiddish,Russian are some of the languages.
Many Asian languages like Hindi,Punjabi,Tamil,Chinese,Korean, Thai ar…


Friends are important asset in everyone's life. Every stage in life we come acros lots of friends. Some of them are really special and exist till the very end of our life.  

A good friend knows all your stories but the best friend live with your stories. 


After parents our world extend with our childhood friends. They are mostly our neighbors and classmates. In that we share out toys playing games doing some naughty things. No serious things to share in that age.


Adolescent friendship is more influential than others. In this age the behavioral changes are happening. Friends are the main reasons in that changes. In this age the teenagers share lot of things with friends. 

The friendship built in this age are more crucial and long last than other.


Adulthood friendship deals with more commitments. Love, Marriage and parenthood are happening in this age.

 In this age there are many serious issues to be shared with friend.…


What is Love..?

Question stand for many centuries without answers.
Is love is undefined feeling,infatuation or just a sexual attraction?

Love is a force of nature. It is unpredictable. It happens any time no matter whats the age, time, place. its stuck like a lightning.

Sex is available to buy and sell. Love is either you can't buy or can't sold. Love has its own law, but it doesn't defines that love is only ends with marriage.

When we are in love it is very easy to understand that we are in love but the matter is we always have a choice and other preferences. These things make love is a complicated one. The strange thing is nobody knows what love is.

Love has different dimensions:

The love you feel on your partner is not the same that you feel with your mother and sister. It has different dimensions. The ancient Greek 7 words to define different dimensions of love.

STORAGE: The natural affection you showed to your family
PHILIA: The love you showed with your friends.