Culture means the customs and the tradition of the particular society. It includes religion, food, believes,festivals,dress, how we wear dresses, marriage, how we behave, thought process everything defines a culture of the society.

United States Of America is the third largest country in after China and India with 320 million people. Many cultures around the world is followed in USA. The country has many immigrants. In 1600s English colonized the country. It has many influences like native Americans,Latin Americans, Africans and Asians.


Many languages spoken in USA. There is no official language in the country. Over 90% of the people speaks and understands English language. Chinese,Spanish,German,French,Hindi also spoken by many people. In official there are over 250 languages are spoken in USA.

Many European languages spoken in America. Spanish, Italian,French,Swedish,Yiddish,Russian are some of the languages.
Many Asian languages like Hindi,Punjabi,Tamil,Chinese,Korean, Thai are spoken there. African people speaks their native languages too.


There is no official language in America. Anyone can follow any religion on their own desire. over 82% people followed Christianity in USA. Hindus,Muslims,Buddhists also lived in reasonable numbers. They can built Temples,Mosques and pray, celebrate their festivals. It's a religious freedom country.


There are many food identified as american foods like burgers, potato chips, hot dog, cheese and macaroni etc. There are some regional foods,southern style cooking is mostly with fried chicken, black eyed peas and corn breeds. In the southwest they practiced Spanish and Mexican cooking styles like burritos,chili,cheese and beans. Dried meats and jerky are most common snacks to served. 


There is a millions of people play lot of games there. Baseball, Basket ball,Foot ball,Hockey are the most common games.
USA are one of most successful in country in Olympics. They bagged lot of medals in the big festival of games. Lot of adventure games, professional and amateur wrestling has many viewers around the world.


USA is the leader in media production. They produced lot of television that telecast across the world. They have the biggest film industry in the world named Hollywood. They visualize all things that probably impossible in real life. They show aliens, dinosaurs and unbelievable action sequences in their films. Hollywood films have huge fans all over the world.


They have different kind of dressing style based on the region climate. Jeans, sneakers, basket ball clothing are some are common style in America.


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