Friends are important asset in everyone's life. Every stage in life we come acros lots of friends. Some of them are really special and exist till the very end of our life.  

A good friend knows all your stories but the best friend live with your stories. 


After parents our world extend with our childhood friends. They are mostly our neighbors and classmates. In that we share out toys playing games doing some naughty things. No serious things to share in that age.


Adolescent friendship is more influential than others. In this age the behavioral changes are happening. Friends are the main reasons in that changes. In this age the teenagers share lot of things with friends. 

The friendship built in this age are more crucial and long last than other.


Adulthood friendship deals with more commitments. Love, Marriage and parenthood are happening in this age.

 In this age there are many serious issues to be shared with friend. Family , children and other commitments in this age makes some distance with friends. 


In this age family responsibilities become less and there is so many things to share with friends. Nowadays the old age community joint together and share their memories with others.

Meeting often makes better improvement in heath of old adults. Very rarely childhood friends become old age friends come across all the stages together. Those friendships are eternal.


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