La Tomatina-Tomato Festival

La Tomatina is a Spanish festival with tomato fight just for fun. It;s held in Valencia town of Bunol. It happens last wednesday of the August.

Celebration of La Tomatina


It started in 1945, some of the young people try to participate in the parade with the musician. One of the boy slipped in the parade. It was happen near the vegetable market. The young boys hit everything they saw. In a short time there was a huge crowd in the place hit each other with the vegetables. 

The fight continuous until the local authorities come and end the fight. Later years the people bring tomato's from home and the play the fun fight. In 1950's La tomatina was banned but people still play and many of them even arrested.

The festival get more popularity and lot of people participate in the festival. Lot of rules and restriction implemented in the festival. Now it was one of the most famous festival in the world and helps huge in tourism of Spain. In 2013 the authorities decide to collect entry fee to limit the participants and for safety concern too.


At around 11 a.m the trucks come to the village with full of tomato's. The festival starts when canon hit the water. The goal is get the meat prize. No one reach the prize easily in the process it takes long time. 

The fight takes one hour after that no more tomato's can be thrown. Then cleaning process starts after that the lorries spray water to clean the tomato's.


  • The tomato's must be squeezed before thrown otherwise it hurts.
  • Do not bring any other objects in the field.
  • Keep distance from lorry. It's better for your safety.
  • When you hear the second bell stop throwing tomato's.


  • Wear old dress. If you wore new one then definitely it will be the last day of your dress.
  • Wear shoes. Don't use slippers or flip-flops foot wears because you may get hurt or easily you will lose it in the crowd.
  • Tuck a piece of cloth or tuck your t-shirt in your pant. That will help to wipe your face and protect eyes.
  • Want to take photographs take waterproof cameras with you.


Bunol was located in province of Valencia,Spain. Approximately 30 kilometers from the west Velencia. 

Enjoy the festival of tomatoes..Amigos... 


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