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Hangout Music Festival 2015

The Hangout fest is ready to rock the floor. Alabama are you ready for the electrifying event..?.. Better ready soon. It is one of the grand music festival in the beach city.

Hangout Music festival – A Quick View:Location : Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA
Date : May 15th – 17th of 2015
Genre : Rock, Electronic dance music, Hip Hop, Jam bands, Alternative, Reggae
Founders : AJ Niland, Shaul Zislin
Years Active : 2010-present
Website : official website- Click Here

The festival getting approved by Gulf Shores city council in December 2009. Founders Niland and Zislin spent sometimes to find the festival location at Gulf Shores beach. They ready to give unique festival at the public beach. It Was three day music festival. In 2010 the first year of the festival they were at average of 14000 people attends the festival.

The festival gets grand welcome later the years. In 2014 40000 tickets were sold out. This time it is expected to sold out again. In 2013 the festival generates $30 millon(approx) to the G…